Jane Austen Playing Cards by John Eric Ligon

Are you a Jane Austen book lover?

I think this original playing cards are quite nice, it's a Kickstarter project from John Eric Ligon, of course called Jane Austen playing cards, where each card is represented by one of the famous characters of Austen's books. 

The images for all the queens and jacks come from fashion plates found in Ackermann's Repository of Arts—an influential British periodical published from 1809–1829 that featured articles and images on art, architecture, fashion, furniture, needlework patterns, and politics. It is likely that Miss Austen would have been familiar with this publication. The selection of images for the queens and jacks are found within the two years prior to the publication date of each novel. The decorative line art on the back of the cards and within the Ace of Spades, is based on the needlework patterns found in Ackermann's.

I find these cards are a beautiful present and a different way to enjoy our loved Jane Austen characters, don't you think?

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