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Iced: Resort to Murder by Avery Daniels
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Julianne loves her job at the five start resort in Colorado, but her job could be in danger after being the first suspect of the death of Pastor Tom... Will she be able to clean her name?

'I whirled around and stumbled back. "Don't touch the staff. That includes me Pastor Tom." I practically shouted. Pastor Tom Drake was well known around town, and getting national attention lately with his mega church.'

This is a quick read mystery, full of characters and quite an explosive case!
Julianne is a character that really knows what she wants, a job, a career, and is not ready to start a family yet, but maybe the handsome Mason will make change her mind. I was a little bit tired that everyone in Julianne's life tries to get her a husband or a boyfriend... a girl could be happy and alone!
Mason is the typical gentlemen; attractive, protective and romantic... maybe he needs to do something wrong, too perfect!
The case in this book is quite strong, to use a mild word... a Pastor that participates in Swing group and maybe flirting with young girls? Too many dark secrets not to have a very long list of possible killers after you!
I was a little overwhelmed with the long list of characters that appeared on the book, some of them were just for a phone call or a couple of dialogues... I hope in the next book they will appear more and we will start to know the link between them and Julianne.
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