Happines in a Letter

Can happiness arrive in a letter?

Let me say that my answer is always, yes, of course! I know we are always waiting for important e-mails or messages on our computers/mobiles, but the happiness when you arrive at home and you find a few letters with some friends news or with something you were expecting, the happiness you have is indescribable, in the end your waiting has been paid, you have your happiness in a letter form! That's what I felt today when my favourite postman has arrived with this parcel full of stationery, after a month awaiting, it has arrived!
I will share with you all the amazing products I've received, you will want all of them!
First of all this beautiful flowers washi tape with some gold details, the flowers are made like drawings, let me say, beautiful!

This map washi tape is quite big and will be perfect to help me create my art journal like the vintage newspaper washi, of course!

I couldn't resist to buy the old burned sticky note, so pretty! ;)

And the last, but not least, these beautiful stickers papers with some vintage drawings, perfect to help me decorate my letters and art journal!

I bought all of it in Aliexpress, the quality is good, the price perfect and it has arrived within just 3 weeks, I can't believe it!

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