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A Game Of Deceit by K.A. Davis
Genre: Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Kathryn Landry doesn't expect to arrive at home and find that her husband has left her, it seems that her worst nightmare has happened, like her father, her husband has taken everything, but left his computer behind... maybe there's something more behind his disappearance?
You will have to help Kathryn unravel this mystery to know all the answers!

'John reached up and stroked Kathryn's cheek.
"I'll be on my best behaviour and wait until you're ready."
"Thanks for being understanding."
"No problem. Do you think I can try again next week?" he asked with an impish grin.
She swatted his hand away. "Come on let's go have some breakfast and talk about murder."'

This is one of those mysteries where there are just two suspects, both trying to help the damsel in distress and win her heart, or they have something to hide? We are talking about the handsome PI, John Selton and the detective of the case Mike Williams, both bossy and always expecting to be in control, something that I really hated! Maybe I am used to women that are ready to answer for themselves instead of always apologising... that's something that I didn't like about Kathryn, instead of trying to decipher her feelings, she plays with both of them and their lives instead of focusing to what's really happening in her life!
The plot is quite engaging, a disappearance that could be a murder or simply that he really left his wife... We don't know much about the Landry's marriage, they have a lot of secrets, not a loving marriage and maybe some abuse? I finished the book with a few questions, that I hope will have the answers in another book? Fingers crossed!
Let me say that there are a few delicious recipes that are named during the book, and lucky for us we can find the recipes at the end of the book, now we just need some time (or a good partner) that makes them for us! ;)
This is a quick read detective case; with mystery, bullets, secrets and a little bit of love!
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