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Dying To Live by Michael Stanley
Genre: Crime
Source: Orenda Books
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Rating: 5/5

When a body of an old man appears dead, the police thinks this should be an easy case, but after some test of the body, it seems that is more than 100 years old! This would not be an easy case, be prepared for witch doctors and live potions before you know the real truth about the case...

"Kubu frowned. 'How can he be forty inside and seventy outside? Could it be just genetics? He chose his parents well?'
'I've never read of anything like this.' Ian replied. 'And there's something else.'
He passed Kubu a Petri dish containing a blackened lump of what Kubu took for metal.
'That's a bullet, no doubt about it. I found it by chance when I got intrigued by the young organs.'"

I have to say I was completely abducted with this book, maybe the author put a spell on it to be fascinated with the multiple twists and interesting characters of the book, it's a non-stoppable read!
This is not just an interesting case to read, it make you think what's the really value of life, is it worth paying an extensive amount of money to try to live longer? Or would you be ready to kill to know the secret of life? There has been a lot of movies talking about prolonging the life, but for me it has always been science fiction, you live what your body allows you to, not trying to drink something to live more! Sadly, some people believe in potions to make their life better and will try to do anything to have one on their hands, even killing!
Another interesting theme on this book is the witch doctors, they can heal all your illnesses with a potion or an enchantment, something that I just saw in movies or read in books, in some countries is real, and people believe it! It was quite curious how Michael Stanley put the main character in the difficult position to use a potion to save some familiar live, for someone that had believed in witch doctors and have family that believes it's a difficult choice, what would you put first, your values or your family love?
This is the 6 book of Detective Kubu, but you can read it as standalone. The characters are well explained an all the connections detailed.
This has been an amazing read; interesting, different and original. I recommend it you read it right now, Michael Stanely has won a new fan!

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