Paper Clip vs Stamp Paper Clip

I woke up today with the trending topic on twitter of the quite expensive Prada Paper Clip, with a modest price of $185. The dimensions are not quite big 6.25cm long and 2.25cm wide and made in Italy. 
But the most funny thing is that I am thinking of buying a stamp paper clip, from Raw market, the price is $11.90, the dimensions are 30x30mm. And I am still deciding if it's worth the money!
So I find quite ironic that someone can buy a simple paper clip for $185 and I am breaking my heart deciding if I could afford another stamp that seems perfect for some projects I have in mind. But the eternal question that is haunting me is: is it now the moment to buy it? It's just a simple craving or I will use it?
The world is so unfair!

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