Obsession by Amanda Robson

Obsession by Amanda Robson
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4'5/5

This is the story of Carly and Rob, and Jenni and Craig; how the life of these four friends will change forever after a silly question
"Who else would you go for, if you could?"

"'I don't believe you.' I pause. 'Anyway, I don't need to know who you fantasise about. We're jus playing a game. Give me a name, someone you quite like.'"

This is an original book, with a mystery without a case and with a crime without a killer...
There are some questions that no matter how strong is your relation with your partner the answer will never be of your taste. Because if you ask your partner "Who else would you go for, if you could?", if the answer is no one, you will not believe them and if they say someone's name, probably will be the beginning of the end! So... why ask? 
Obsession is a dark psychological thriller where trust is overrated and the marriage of these four friends will stop being just 2... Of course some characters are more likeable than others, Carly is obsessed with Jenni and Craig, but Jenni is obsessed with Carly and Rob... so quite a crazy fourth-some we had!
This book makes you think on how just a silly question can endanger your relationship with your partner and friends, seems just a silly joke, but could be that a white lie would make their life different? I don't think so... but you'll never know!
I am still deciding if I liked the ending, is quite surprising, but possibly the only one that could be real given how the book was going... let me know if you thought you liked another ending!
Be prepared to be obsessed with Obsession, because if this night you ask the same question to your partner, you'll be the one obsessed!
So... Who else would you go for, if you could?

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