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Marriage Is Pure Murder by Staci McLaughlin
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

A delicious story that you can't put down! I couldn't stop reading, the characters were reliable and charming, it was reading a story from somewhere you knew!

'"They just want to hear the scuttlebutt."
"And what is the scuttlebutt?" For that matter, what did the  word scuttlebutt even mean? Didn't you scuttle a ship? What did that have to do with butts? I chided myself for getting distracted by such a silly thought and focused back on Mom."

A florist can not have many enemies, can she? Because Beattrice seems a sweet woman until we discover her hobby and dark secret! From now on, I will think twice of what I tell to my florist and never buy two times at the same shop!
I liked Dana's character, the wedding is not something to be crazy for her, she wants everyone to be happy and have a sweet moment with friends and family, so she prefers to centre her energies searching for a killer instead of planning her wedding, point for her!
Dana's friends and fiancée are charming, funny and make the book more real, I am sure you will love them too.
I was a little disappointed with the ending, I was expecting more dark secrets... or maybe that would be too much...!
This is a book I recommend if you like to have a good time while you are reading a mystery, it's the sixth book of the Blossom Valley Mystery, but you can read it as standalone.
Do you have a favourite flower shop? Do you trust them?

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