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Designer Dirty Laundry by Diane Vallere
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

The fashion world can create a lot of enemies (I suppose like any world with power and high egos) but I didn't know that someone would be capable of killing to have more power!
Samantha Kidd never thought that she would find her new boss dead the first day of work... and when the police arrived and there was no body, everyone thought she was nuts... of course, when the body appeared everyone thought she was the killer, but really, why would she have killed her boss the first day of work? I can understand it if you had him for a lot of years and he is a hateful man, but the first day?? No sense at all!

'Nick pulled his cell phone away from his ear. "Are you back?"
"From where?" I asked, confused by more than his question. "What happened?"
"You passed out when you saw Patrick's body."'

Samantha is ready to fight for her job position and to clean her name, even if she has to trust the flirtatious Nick... In a city where no one wants to help Samantha and everyone is looking for her we will enjoy a quite original mystery with funny dialogues and a complex murder!
I am not a fashion lover, but I enjoyed the fashion expertise and tips, I will try to learn a little of Samantha, because if any fashion victim take a look at my outfits would run away!
Let's say the truth, I hope I'll never be on Samantha's shoes, the first day of your job and you find your boss dead and no one in the RRHH knows who are you... what a nightmare!
I loved the flirtatious situation between Nick and Sam, it made the book funny and more enjoyable, but is he really a good man or the killer?
This is the first book of the Samantha Kidd Mystery, but Samantha is so fresh and original that I am sure you will want to read the full series!
This book is perfect to enjoy a quick mystery book and it will leave you wanting more...
Do you trust your boss?

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