Zodiac by Sam Wilson

Zodiac by Sam Wilson
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Penguin
Rating: 4/5

Everything is connected, this is something that we have to remember, a murder is something personal, you just have to find the important link between the killer and the victim, even if it means the weirdest thing possible! ;)

"'A founding principle of our science is that the world is a mechanism that follows rules as elegant and immutable as the orbits of the planets. Our own foolish urge to escape our true natures has broken the mechanism and let to great suffering. Society is a broken machine.'"

It was quite strange in the beginning to understand the Zodiac world, where everyone is classified for their horoscope sign...
Can you imagine a world where the classes depend on your birthday month? Something that you can't choose, something that is totally random? It is completely crazy, yes, even they plan the birthday if the baby is not to be born the month they need! It was strange, there are special schools for children that have born in a different month than their parents and try to change their character to adapt them as how they should act, weird, extreme... sadly I am sure people would like this type of class!
This book talks about police abuse, parents negligence, class separation... so many important themes that you will be surprised how a crime book can be so profound and interesting!
I liked how the main character Detective Jerome Burton, who doesn't believe at all in the horoscope fate, has to work with the Profiler Lindi Childs whose life is based entirely in the zodiac. I felt it was a comparison between a religious person and an atheist, who has the reason? Of course none of them, the world is grey, neither black or white, if they work together, they will get what they want.
I highly recommend this book, it has a killer to catch surrounded with mystics, making this thriller original and interesting at the same time, a must read!

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