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The Real Liddy James by Anne-Marie Casey
Genre: Chic Lit
Source: Hodder & Stoughton
Rating: 4/5

Liddy is a mother of two, divorced and with a very good job, but when one day everything starts to go south she decides to search for her soul and a path in her life with a trip to Ireland, I am not sure she will find there what she really needs, but we will accompany her in case she needs us! ;)

"It doesn’t matter who you are, Liddy, Miss Harris would announce (for it was she who had first called Lydia Mary by that name), you are allowed to be successful. Then she would add, As long as you
work ten times harder than any man in the same job! (This was one of Miss Harris’s favorite statements."

This is a fresh and real book, not just to entertain you, but with real characters with real problems, that you and me could have. That makes this book a good read, because even you know is fiction, you can understand the thoughts and dreams of the characters and put yourself in their situation and decide what would you do in their position.
I do believe that right now, a woman in a high position in a company needs to sacrifice her life and desires for the job, a family is not included, sadly, because you will have to put all your energies on the job. Is it worth it? I think this will depend on the woman you ask the question, I love having a family, I work to live not live to work, but as I said, the answer will depend on who you ask. That's what Liddy discovers, will she choose to live or to work? You will have to read the book!
I didn't like neither Rose decision, sacrifice her dream job for the family, you can have a family, but you can have your job, possibly not a high position job, but one that is worth your energies. But as before, this is just my opinion and I am sure not everyone will agree with me!
I can't say that I liked very much Peter, Liddy's ex-husband... he doesn't seem to know very much what he really wants and still have some feelings for Liddy, even if they are hateful thoughts. Lucky for us, he seems to have taken a decision at the end...!
I don't believe in extremes, I think that for a healthy life, everything has to be more or less balanced (I am the first to know how difficult this is), but I prefer to work to live than live to work. And you?
This is a book to enjoy on this bank holiday, you will read it in just one sit, but remember that everything comes with a price, even your dreamed life!
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