The Lies Within by Jane Isaac

The Lies Within by Jane Isaac
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Crime
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 3'5/5

Grace Bannister's daughter has been brutally assaulted and killed. She doesn't know how to confront this tragedy so she turns for help to an old friend, Faye... The police doesn't know how to continue the investigation and DI Will Jackman personal life is more complicated than ever... Ready to read?

'"You will hear evidence that places her at the scene, witnesses who heard her plan the murder." Sheldon continues. "Plan how to kill a woman who considered herself a friend."'

This book is the continuation of Beneath The Ashes, is the third book of the series of DI Will Jackman. You can read it as standalone, there are some minor characters information that you will miss, but you can follow the case perfectly!
Lying is an art, the more I read, the more I think the society we are living needs to change! Yes, this book is fiction, but some things of it could be real and they are really frightening! It's quite sad that women could be raped and killed just because the perpetrators want and can, and in some places the cases are not even investigated!
In this book we will not just centre in the killing, but the desperation of a mother and a family to lose a child and how difficult it is the grieving process! And of course, the inability of the police to find the killer (or killers) makes all the case more dark and sad.
This case is not something completely fiction, sadly could happen in real life, because you never know who is really telling you the truth... Do you know that almost all the victims know their killers?
The real question should be, why they killed her? Was it a single murder or the police are searching for a serial killer? So many questions and the only answer I have for you is, read the book!
This is a psychological thriller full of lies and a couple of surprising twists.
Do you know the truth? 

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