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Spandex And The City by Jenny T. Colgan
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Source: Little, Brown Book Group
Rating: 4/5

The publicist Holly Phillips doesn't have a personal life, and the day she decides to take the chance is being saved by Ultimate Man, the saviour from the city. Is this a sign that they have a chance as a couple or dating a superhero is more difficult than a human?

"'Could you please... possible... possibly forget we ever met?'
I thought of how much I wanted to be a journalist. I thought of a gigantic scoop this was. I noticed how downcast and miserable he looked."

I have to say I loved Spandex And The City, we are so used to see the superhero falling in love with the human and that they are happy forever that is refreshing reading that they can argue, have troubles and disappointments too! Because neither Ultimate Man or Holly will be "normal", as obvious Ultimate Man is a saviour, but he has feelings and dreams as all human being... And don't expect Holly to be rescued, she is ready to fight for the city and her friends even if she has to risk her life!
We will meet a baddie too, I will not reveal his true identity, I don't want to make spoilers! I am not sure his master plan is as bad or as good as he wants us to believe... but he won a little piece of my heart too!
This is a delicious read, with superheroes, villains and an intelligent woman that will try to decide if knowing the truth about the superheroes world would be worth the sacrifice! Ready for an action, funny and romance book?
One little question... what do you prefer to save or be saved?

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