Sip n' Sound Straw

First of all, thanks to to allow my child to enjoy this original straw, the Sip n' Sound Straw.
Do you know all the benefits of using a straw? You have to be careful if the baby is younger than 9 months old, but after 12 months they should be able to start learning how to use a straw. Here are some of the benefits of using a straw (the source is Ark Therapeutic).

An effective way of improving one’s oral motor skills.  It works on lip seal, tongue retraction, cheek strength, correct jaw position, suck-swallow-breathe coordination, consecutive swallows, and more. Sucking can also help some individuals organize, increase their attention, and soothe/calm themselves.

I started using the straw a couple of months ago (my baby was 12 months) because he started to refuse drinking with the baby bottle, I am not sure why... he drinks perfectly at night, but during the day he doesn't want it at all! So first we used the typical bottle with a straw, but then we decided to go with a mug and a simple straw, and for now he loves it! And he likes to use a normal mug too, so we'll see for how long we will use the straw...!

When I saw the giveaway of the Sip n' Sound Straw on I thought it would be original for our little one when he drank from it, and it is! I have the pig, it has an on/off little button so no wasting batteries at all and there's a push button to make the pig sound when you want to play with it. Remember that they are able for 3plus years, so if you give them to your babies you have to stay alert all time, I don't think it's really safe to bite the animal! ;)

I might say that my baby loved it, to use the straw, he was amazed that the straw was making sounds and after when I showed how the pig was making the noise pushing a button, he loved it! 
I think this is very original, it's not expensive at all (5'99pounds) and there are a lot to choose! Animal farms, jungle animals and vehicles! I will search if I can find the jungle animals, I want to try them!
And you, which one would you buy?

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