Safety First Djeco!

I am disappointed, really, really disappointed.
I know I am a first mum and there are a lot of things that I have to learn and that I have to discover which are the brands you can trust for the security of your baby.

But I thought Djeco was a good brand, a trustworthy brand, the toys are made with wood and with no danger for the little ones... but when yesterday my baby (he is 14 months old) had this parts on his hands I couldn't believe it! How is it possible that the part of this toy fell off and with a screw inside?! I was lucky that he didn't put it in his mouth, but maybe there will be a mum who will not!

I don't know if there's any way to check if the toys are trustworthy and secure, but I thought they had to pass some tests to be allowed to sell, specially if they are for the little ones!
This toy was a Christmas present for a 18 months baby, but my baby is already walking and pulling it, so I thought there would not be any danger, I was wrong...!

So, for now on, be careful with the toys you buy, maybe there's a danger inside that you don't know!

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