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Reconciliation For The Dead by Paul E. Hardisty
Genre: Action, Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4'5/5

This is a bold and hard book, but reading about war has never been easy!

'Memory is a strange, malleable, and, he had come to realise, wholly undependable quantity. And nothing, it seemed, was immune from time's inexorable winnowing, that hollowing erosion that, eventually, pulled the life from everything.'

This is a story told between the past (1980's) and the present (1996) where Claymore Straker is appearing before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to face off the demons from the past... His life changed completely 15 years ago, he was dishonoured and exiled and now is ready to tell the truth...  Be prepared to discover the injustices and the horrors that Clay face in Angola.
This is a brutal story to read, to live and to think about, because Hardisty has done an amazing job creating this book, but is based in true events, so it makes the story less fictional and more terrifying if you think of the consequences of everything you are reading! This is an addictive book, but you will have to stop to breath after reading some of the cruelty things told in the story.
I can't imagine how a young solider that is risking his life at every minute has to feel when he discovers that all his beliefs and actions had been used for the wrong purposes and that there's no turning back...
This is the third book of the series Claymore Straker, you can read it as standalone, but I think this story puts on perspective all the other books, so your choice if you want to start from here or from the beginning, because after reading this book you will want to know more about Claymore, for sure!

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