Pukka Fun - Interactive Colouring Book

There are a lot of interesting colouring books to entertain our kids, but when they had been painted all the interest in the book banishes... So when I was at the London Stationery Show I discovered the Pukka Fun Interactive Books, I fall in love with them at the moment! 

The Pukka Fun Interactive Books have a lot of pages to colour, interesting activities for the children to learn while playing, but the most interesting part is that with your mobile or tablet they come to life (with sound included!) in front of your eyes!
I had the chance to "play" with two of these amazing interactive books, the "Baby Animals" and the "Race Day", and I think all children should have one of these amazing books at home! If you colour the illustrations, when you scan them, they come to life with the colour you choose, amazing, don't you think? 

This is the perfect activity book for travelling, on a rainy day or when your little one needs a little bit of relax.

I thought that you may want to take a look at how it works, so here is the link to the Pukka Fun books that you can download some samples to try at home! The Eiffel Tower and a Triceratops. And here is the official video...!

This is a great book for this summer, it's not expensive and I am sure you and your little ones will have a lot of fun with them! Enjoy! ;)

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