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My Sister by Michelle Adams
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Headline
Rating: 4/5

Two sisters, Irini and Elle, one was kept, the other one was given away... They have a bond that keeps them together, good or bad? You will have to read the book it you want to know the answer!

"The buzzing of my telephone is like the scuttling of a cockroach underneath the bed. No real danger, yet still I am terrified. The same fear that a knock on the door just before bedtime brings, always bad news, or a murderer there to live out a fantasy."

This is a dark family tale, which shows us that family bonds are difficult to break...
I have to say that I was fascinated by the story of Irini and Elle, the toxicity but the imperious need to maintain contact even if their relation is volatile and full of secrets. I don't have any brother or sister, but as you can imagine their relation is not healthy. They seem to have an imperious need to collide and share the family link, even if they know that it will not end good...
As we enter to the story we will discover some dark family secrets and a few surprising twists, of course we will "understand" why they keep Irini...
Michelle Adams explores the lies and secrets that are kept in a family. With no exception in all the families are secrets, but I can assure you that in this one, the secrets are huge! Is it good to remember that even the smallest decision you take will affect all the members of your family forever!
My Sister in an engaging story, well written and that will keep you glued to the story since the first page.
Do you trust your family?

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