Monster In The Closet by Karen Rose

Monster In The Closet by Karen Rose
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Jazzie Jarvis is only 11 years old, but she has seen who killed her mama... she will try to protect her little sister refusing to say a word... sadly the killer doesn't want to leave any loose ends and will not stop till she is dead... Ready for a cat and a mouse thriller?

"Taylor knew the child's frown was not directed at her, but almost wished it were. A perfectionist in little zebra cowboy boots, Janie was angry with herself. Angry that she'd had to be corrected by anyone. That she wasn't already perfect."

This is not the book we are used to read from Karen Rose, we know since the beginning who is the killer but this doesn't mean the book is not interesting!
I liked how Karen made a book with all the characters from the previous book of this series, it was great to remember all the characters and know how their lives had progressed (and their families grown!)
There's a lot of action in this book, a little bit of suspense and of course love! This book is more centred in feelings, emotions and family. I can not say that I didn't like it because like all the Karen Rose books it kept me glued in it since the beginning till the last page, but I was expecting a twist or a surprise that never arrived...
This book talks about family, you, as a child, should always know that your parents will protect you from any danger. The problem is, if you can not trust your parents, who is there to help a little child? I really can not imagine the feeling of being alone in the world without anyone to trust! That's why I loved the Healing Hearts project, that provide therapy to traumatized children. I hope this kind of centres really exist and that are there for everyone that needs them, not something just for the rich people!
It was sad discovering the true story of Taylor, is quite emotive but it shows us how brave she is! But I will not make any type of spoiler, so you will have to read the book!
This is a psychological thriller where the hunter will not hesitate to kill to survive.
What your are afraid of?

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