Mills & Boon Insider - May 2017

Spring means blossoms and hot temperatures... and love in every corner of course!
That's why you will love this month Mills & Boon Insider books, will make you dream and enjoy a heartwarming everywhere, ready?

Her Pregnancy Bombshell by Liz Fielding
This is a short but cute love story, where everything started in a night of passion and maybe it will end with marriage?
Let yourself indulge this sweet story with love filling every page in a dreamful Palazzo!
Miranda knows that a night of passion can not be compared to a life of love, but maybe Andie's intentions are more nearer to his heart than she thinks?
Sometimes a baby can make you see your heart's wishes, when the reason is blind you have to trust your heart!
Ready for The Pregnancy Bombshell?

Sold For The Greek's Heir by Lynne Graham
Lucy and Jax had a brief relation years ago, and things didn't finish quite well... now their paths have crossed again and maybe some misunderstandings from the past will come to light (and a few secrets too, of course!) making these two love birds fall in love again...
With a few passion scenes and a lot of love, Lucy and Jax will, maybe, let their feelings flow?
This is the third book of the Brides for the Taking, this is a standalone book, but at the end you will miss the connection between the characters, I recommend you to start this trilogy from the beginning, these sisters seem fun to read!

Healing The Sheikh's Heart by Annie O'Neil
Making your wishes come true is easy if your are a Sheikh (you have money to buy everything) but you can't buy love... this is something that the arrogant Idris will have to learn if he wants that the Dr. Robin Kelley treat his daughter and heal his heart, it would not be an easy procedure, she will need a lot of hours for this important operation, as you can imagine!
This is the fifth book of Paddington Children's Hospital and after reading last month book I am starting to feel like I know the doctors of the Paddington Hospital! ;)
I am not a big fan of arrogant men, but I can understand the fear of Idris to fall in love again.. but maybe listening a little bit more and don't being so egocentric would be great!
This is a sweet story, how a father tries to really understand his little daughter and opens his heart for good!
Ready for a trip at the Sheikh's heart?

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