HP Sprocket Printer

I am sure right now you use more your mobile than your camera to take photos, so having a pocket printer is the dream of all photo addicts; print a photo wherever you are and as quick as possible!
Thanks to The Insiders I have been lucky to try the new HP Sprocket Printer, a portable printer that can fit in your pocket.

First of all is easy to charge and use, you just have to download the application (on your mobile store, is free of charge, of course!) and charge the printer with the usb (so, no problems with cables when you travel!). I can say that it charges quickly and the battery lasts a few days if you are not using it.
One good think about this printer is that you don't have to buy ink, because it uses the Zink Paper (a type of thermal paper that makes the photos brighter and with better quality). So you just have to buy the paper packets to print your photos. 

The price of the paper is £9,99 for 20 papers, the photos can be used as stickers too. They are a little bit expensive, yes, but this way you can print your photos at the moment and with good quality, good enough for me on this side.
What I think about the HP Sprocket?
I love the idea, I am always searching for the best way to print my photos, the HP Sprocket is a good present and is perfect if you are making a party or when you travel, for now on it will be always on my luggage for my travel diary! I don't like very much the price, it costs £130, a little bit expensive but I will use it a lot, so for me no regrets!
How it works?
The photos have good quality, but if you use the application and you change the mascara maybe the results will not be as good as the basic photo, you can always play a little with all the choices before printing! I liked that since I downloaded the app they updated it two times, this means that they read the feedback and repair if there's any problem, so great!

My opinion?
This is a good printer, a great idea for a present or simply because you liked it. I am sure you will not regret it! ;)
Ready, set, print!

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