Day 6 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

I am not sure if it's the Teapigs Matcha but I am more awake, these days I can go to sleep later and wake up at the same time with the same energy as before (I am sure if my little one didn't start singing at 7am my body would be less tired, but... whatever...!)
My skin? These days seems more oily... maybe is time to start changing the cream, is starting to be warmer and my skin doesn't need so many moisturising as when is cold, and I don't want an oily skin again!
Today I had a packed morning, so my matcha had to be easy to drink and make, so I mixed it with a ColdPress Smoothie with vegetables, it was a little bit difficult to dissolve all the bits, but it was delicious as always!

Do you have any favourite smoothie to mix with your matcha?

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