Day 4 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

Mmmm... today I am not feeling so energised as yesterday, I suppose it is because yesterday I was awake till late reading a book, quite interesting if you ask me!
That's why today I will not share a very original recipe, just an easy but very effective and tasty way to enjoy your Teapigs Matcha, with a yogurt! I wanted to try it with a lemon yogurt, but since I discovered I am lactose intolerant I try to eat everything lactose free. I couldn't find a lemon yogurt, but the Alpro (soya milk) with coconut and my matcha was delicious, it will be on my diet from now on!
Here is a delicious photo to make you a little envy!

Have you already tried any delicious recipe with matcha?

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