Day 3 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

This is my third day of the #Matchachallenge by Teapigs!

I may say that I don't feel too tired after running and jumping with my little one, maybe the matcha is really getting me more energy? Sadly my skin is as bad as always, I hope will improve a little after all! I have a wedding and I want to have a soft skin... but maybe this is asking too much...!
Today I want to share with you something easy, healthy and delicious to do with the matcha, a dressing salad! Are you one of those that doesn't eat salad because is boring or you love salad but don't know what to add to make it different?

Matcha Dressing Sauce

I love to eat salads, usually I put everything I find in the fridge with the salad mix bag you can find in the supermarket. Today my salad was with matcha (of course), a mix of salad leaves, cherries, carrots, raspberries, fried onion, pine nuts and to dress, of course the Matcha Dressing Sauce! It was healthy, tasty and a different way to enjoy the matcha!

Have you started the #matchachallenge?

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