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Block 46 by Johana Gustawsson
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

What can possibly connect a murder in Sweden in 2014 and the Bucherwald Concentration Camps in 1944?
This is one of the mysteries we will unravel in this terrifying but nail bitting thriller.
This story is told by 4 voices, one from the past (Eric), one from the killer, the best friend of one of the victims (Alexis) and the profiler expert (Emily). We don't know what connects them, but we will discover a few dark secrets before we know the truth...!
As we start reading this book we will learn how SS doctors experimented with their "victims" and how they thought killing was worth the sacrifice...and this is something that I will never understand. But what makes me angrier is that there are a lot of doctors and SS soldiers that escaped from life in prison and had a normal life, even if they had killed and tortured thousands of people. Sometimes I wonder where is justice...
One of the mysteries of the book is if there's one or two killers, why there are victims in Sweden and in London? How the killer can move around? And more important, what means the Y mark that the victims have? Just a few of the questions that will pop in your mind as you read the book, but be careful, because this book is not for delicate hearts, is merciless, hunting and absorbing. You will have to be prepared for a serial killer that doesn't have a heart and that his biggest pleasure is to kill!
I have to say that there were a couple of twists completely unexpected, but that I really enjoyed, good job Johana, you surprised me!
I hope this will not be the only book with Alexis and Emily, even if they are not really "friends" they work well together and I would love to see more cases with them!

"None of this made sense. The journey. The dead. The cruelty. The music. The naked bodies No one even tried to conceal their nudity any longer, as if each and every one of them had already abdicated their humanity. And, above all reigned the silence."

How much is the life of your son?

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