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A Perfect Manhattan Murder by Tracy Kiely
Genre: Cozy Mystery 
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4'5/5

When the critic Dan appears dead on his apartment, all the faces turn to blame his wife, Harper. Lucky for her, her best friend Nic Martini and her husband will not stop till they discover the truth!

'Hearing our entrance, Peggy looked back and waved us over. As we approached, her gaze dropped to Skippy; seconds later, her jaw followed suit. "Dear God, is that a dog?" She asked.
Nigel put his fingers over his lips. "Yes," he said in a hushed voice, "but we haven't told hi yet. We're waiting until he's older."'

This is an hilarious and witty book, in some scenes I couldn't stop laughing, specially when the big dog Skippy was on scene! I can not wait for this couple to have a child, it will be a quite interesting baby, and his big brother will take care of them, between a couple of dry martinis, of course! ;)
I have to say that the mystery in this book is not the most important part, I loved the dialogues, characters and situations our characters are involved in, it makes the book more interesting and real.
This is the third book of the Nic & Nigel Mystery series and you can read as standalone, but after reading this one, I highly recommend you to start by the first one, you will love Nic and Nigel!
In this mystery we have so many suspects... because, really, who doesn't want to kill a critic that made a bad review of your theatre play? And if it seems that he is blackmailing some actors to have funding for his play, the suspects will grow exponentially! Everyone could be the killer, even you!
There's a plus at the end of the book, some delicious recipes to make your own cocktails at home, perfect to enjoy this weekend...
So really... who doesn't want to kill the critic? ;)

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