The White Road by Sarah Lotz

The White Road by Sarah Lotz
Genre: Fiction, Horror
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 4'5/5

Everything started in a cave, the survival adrenaline makes Simon to believe that someone is talking to him.... but maybe is not just the rush of the moment, because he starts listening to the voice everywhere... "You're coming with me..."

'"You don't have to get to the top. Just bring us back some good stuff like with the caves.'
'You basically want me to almost die while filming some dead bodies on a mountain.'
'You got it.'
'You're a sicko, Thierry.'
'Yeah, yeah. If I can get the cash together, will you go?'"

In the beginning I liked this book, then I loved it, and in the end, OMG, you have to read it!
Reading this book was so real that you feel the cold on your skin and the breath of a third man on your neck, impossible to put it down!
There are so many themes that this book touches, that I would like to go through each one a little bit...
First of all, I do believe there's a presence when you are in extreme situations, a man/woman that maybe try to represent your fears, your grieve, or something that you regret... good or bad? That's your decision!
This books shows us a crude but realistic way of how our society is ready to do anything for fame and money. Because yes, Simon started this trip for the money, to become famous but I think he learnt his lesson, risking your life for the shame of the others could have some consequences...!
In this book we read how is life at the top of the world, climbing is not something that I like, I have vertigo, so high mountains are not my dream, but I can understand the power it has to give you to conquer one of those big mountains. After reading this book I just can admire all the climbers that try to summit a mountain, no matter if they succeed or not. The thoughts, emotions, experiences you read in this book feel so real that you almost feel climbing the mountain with them.
This is a claustrophobic, hunting and obsessive reading, maybe is not for everyone but I highly recommend you to take a chance!

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