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Single Malt Murder by Melinda Mullet
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4'5/5

Abigail has inherited a distillery, the only problem is that it comes with a body too... I am not sure if the quality of the whiskey would be any good with body flavour! ;)

"'Not just inherited. I've been given complete control over the business, and it looks like somebody's none too happy about it. This arrived under my door overnight.' I handed to Patric an envelope with no return address or postmark. He pulled out the plain card within and read:
No woman should possess the water of life,
Try and you'll die at the point of a knife."

This book is not only for mystery lovers, is perfect for whiskey connoisseurs too!
This book has surprised me a lot, it's not just intriguing, the mystery will keep you guessing till the end of the book and there are a few interesting lessons about whiskey.
While we enter to the whiskey world, we would meet some very interesting characters, of course, all of them with a good motive to kill... Would Abigail discover the truth before it's too late?
This is the first book of the Whiskey Business Mystery, and I can not wait to read the next one! I am quite intrigued on how Abigail would continue her adventure in the whiskey world, and of course, will she find a little bit of love?
It was interesting the Abigail sixth sense, whenever she meets a new person, her mind gives her three adjectives to describe this person, this helps her to solve this mystery, but at the same time helps us, the readers, to connect better with the story and the characters. And let me say it, I can wait to discover the next adjective of the attractive Grant...! 
I was resigned to discover that the whiskey's world is men's exclusive, I am not a whiskey fan, but I prefer a good whiskey than some wines! And I am sure, sooner or later, this "exclusive world" would have to accept women, and we will make good whiskey too!
Do you like whiskey?

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