off • lines - Analog High-Tech

I am a blogger yes, but all my blog posts are always written before in a notebook, to make changes and allow me to think better what I really want to say on the post. That's why this week I was in the London Stationery Show, there were so many new and amazing products to try and discover that I will have a lot of stationery posts in the next month! ;)

Today I want to talk about off • lines paper manager, that has won the German Design Award 2017.
It fits in every pocket, is easy to use and doesn't need re-charge or waiting to be updated. you can write in it with any type of ink. And is easy to assemble, it comes with the cover, 64 papers and a rubber to stick together, admit it, is quite an original idea!

This notebook is handmade and the cover waterproof and shockproof, so really, this is the best analog high-tech notebook you'll ever find (and is not expensive!), trust me! ;)

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