Mills & Boon Insider - April 2017

I've been selected to be one of the Mills & Boon Insiders, so from now on, every month, I will share with you their new books, because I love mystery and crime, but every now and then is nice to have a little bit of romance in your life, don't you think? ;)
This month I will recommend you...

Conveniently Wed To The Greek by Kandy Shepherd

A beautiful island and a handsome greek are the perfect ingredients for a love romance...!
Neither Dell or Alex are searching for love, they just have a business contract, but you know that love grows when you less expect it and in the more curious moments, don't you think?
This quick read will delight you with a sweet romance in a sublime Greek island and with a delicious story to entertain everyone. Ready?

The Sheikh's Bought Wife by Sharon Kendrick

Jane and Zayed don't love each other, the most appropriate word would be, tolerate... so a marriage between them would be volatile, at least... They decide that if they marry it would be beneficial for them both, and after six months they can divorce... but living with someone day and night could make the anger sparks turn to love, and maybe the marriage is not a bad idea?
With some high voltage scenes and a lot of pleasure, we will fall at the playboy Zayed net... will it be enough for Jane?
Enjoy this dessert passion!

Mummy, Nurse... Duchess? by Kate Hardy

Can a widow mother of two fall in love again?
Rosie is a nurse and a mother, and she thinks is not yet ready to find a father for her child... but Cupid has other plans for her and will throw a love spell between her and the new handsome doctor, Leo, who is a Duke too! Rosie just has to let everything fit in... but maybe is too scared?
I liked this sweet story where we learn about some illnesses and we can understand Rosie's behaviour and her fear to love again, but love is almost always worth it, don't you think?
A romantic novel for medical lovers!

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