Amnesia by Michael Ridpath

Amnesia by Michael Ridpath
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Corvus
Rating: 5/5

Alistair has amnesia after falling the stairs and a young family friend, Clémence, will try to help him recover his memory... But when Clémence find a manuscript pointing Alistair as a killer, she is ready to make him remember all his sins. Ready for a trip to the past?

"The stalker found her the next day, face-down in the loch, caught up in the gnarled fingers of a fallen tree. At first they thought she had drowned, but when the police came and examined her properly they found finger marks on her throat; she had been strangled."

This is a mystery inside a mystery, a surprise after surprise that will make you get hooked on every page of this book!
While we are reading this book, we can feel the pain of Alistair, something on his subconscious tells him that is not good to remember, but not knowing your life is even worth. So with Clémence's help, they will read the book of his past, his student years and adult life with his friends and the mysterious woman who was found dead near the lake. Was he really the killer or his memory is triggering a hateful job? 
Did he really kill the love of his life because she didn't want to leave her husband and sons? He had dreamed for a long time to be with her, is he really capable of killing when the life doesn't suit him? He covered a killing before... maybe now he is the murderer!
Michael Ridpath has made an excellent job describing the amazing landscapes and views from Alistair trips and the silent cottage Alistair lives near the loch, we can almost feel the sound of the water in the loch.
This is a masterpiece, for the lovers of mystery, a good read lovers or the ones searching for the pleasure to enjoy a good time!
What would you like to forget?

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