Turning Into Your Mother by Ada Adverse

It doesn't matter if you celebrate Mother's Day or not, you will just love the new book of Ada Adverse! It will make you laugh hard and re-think about all the times you thought you could do better than your mother, here is the proof that you are turning into her! ;) So be prepared to say, OMG, I am Turning Into My Mother!!
Is it good or bad? I don't know, but mine had done a lot of good things teaching me, of course some bad, who doesn't? So I just hope that I will learn how to be a good mother and not make the same errors she did! So I will enjoy this Sunday remembering her, and thinking that she would love to see me laughing with this book and thinking about her!
Enjoy this funny read, it doesn't matter if you celebrate Mother's Day, any day is good to present this book! ;) (but remember that with a good wine will be better!)
Here are some of the hilarious quotes you could find inside...

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