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The Song Of The Stork by Stephan Collishaw
Genre: Fiction
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 3'5/5

This is a beautiful tale, a sad story about Yael, a jewish girl who tries to survive during the war hiding in the woods, living in a farm and fighting with a partisan group. She only has with her the memories of the good moments with her family and that's what keeps her alive.
I like how this book is written, it's like Yael is telling her story only to you, her painful but emotional adventure, where she will discover love, friendship and loneliness. Hiding to survive since she was only fifteen had to be something difficult, but she keeps the hope that she will see her brother Josef again, and that's what makes her fight for her life.
In the end I felt like something was missing in the book, I liked the story, but not the ending, it simply ends. A lot of questions without answer...
This is a short story to read on one sit and discover the fear and solitude the Jewish survivors had to face during the war.

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