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The Possessions by Sara Flannery Murphy
Genre: Mystery
Source: Scribe UK
Rating: 5/5

Eurydice works as a body to allow people to communicate with their beloved ones after their death. She doesn't have feelings, she is just a body allowing ghosts to use it... everything changes when Patrick enters her life, he wants to talk to her dead wife, but her dead was a mystery... a suicide, an accident or a murder? She becomes obsessed with them... What is Patrick hiding?

"I have a script to follow this first time, easing the transition between one identity and the other, reassuring him that I'm once again a stranger. But something stops me. I stand without speaking and go to open the door, stepping aside to let Patrick pass. His gaze brushes against mine as he moves into the corridor. His eyes are unreadable, purposefully closed off to me. I ignore the instinct to follow him."

While we enter the Elysian Society, with their sobriety, structure and rules, the people who visit their dead beloved ones seem to be protected to any danger... But, as you know, if there are rules someone will try to break them... Will Eurydice be the first one?
Eurydice is obsessed with Patrick, she wants to spent as much time as she can with him, but who is she really? Why nothing interests her? What is the truth she is hiding from everyone? These are some of the questions that keep me hunting all the book, she doesn't have friends or is interested in having any, why?
It was quite emotional reading the experience of being in a body you don't know, how by Eurydice, day by day the most simplest things seem strange. Something as simple as watching her face in the mirror, she didn't recognise her face! When she takes the Lotus (the pill to talk to the ghosts) she disappears, but there's always a remain of the ghost in the body... Does she really want to become Sylvia or she prefers to continue living the spartan live she has chosen?
I have to admit that I've read this book like the obsession Eurydice has for Patrick, page by page, unable to put down the book, immersed in this mystery and love (?) story.
I started reading this book because the plot attracted me, a way to talk to your beloved ones as many times as you want for as long as you want? What would you pay to say goodbye to a friend or an aunt that you miss? But then... when is enough? You have to live, while they are dead, is it sane to keep seeing a dead person when you are starting to heal the loss? So many questions that for now we don't have to answer, but maybe in the future the possibility will exist... 
Would you pay to talk to someone who has died?

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