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The Art Of Vanishing by Cynthia Kuhn
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

"Chancellor-speak tended to be gentled versions of direct actions, like 'have a word' instead of 'insist that you report for reprimand' or 'borrow you for a minute' rather than 'command you to scurry to my side.' Although they sounded polite, they were iron-clad demands, make no mistake."

Being a new professor is never easy and receiving some menacing e-mails that something will happen if you accept the visit of a famous author, doesn't help it!
I know first hand the pressure you have working in a university, and Lila does have a few problems... her dissertation book, some not very friendly colleagues and an important meeting with a famous author... Not easy!!
I like it how the author tries to share with us the pressure the new professors have, how a long life preparing for your loved job can be blown away for some colleagues or just feeling that you can't work enough... We are lucky that Lila has some good friends too that will help her with the pressure and put a little of love in her little boring life!
It was quite original reading about how a university works from the inside, and how they completely ignore a few menacing e-mails even if they start having dangerous situations that no one knows about... Lila is the only one who is trying to discover what's really happening!
This is the second book of the series Lila Maclean Academic Mystery and you can read it as standalone, the characters are well constructed and for now there's not yet a definite partner for Lila, but I hope we will know something more of it in the next book!
This is a quick read, with a little bit of mystery and a good description of how is the life at the university. We will discover a few good friends, a very curious mother and a little bit of love!
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