Suqqu Nail Lacquer Spring 2017

I've been searching for a neutral tone to paint my nails for a few months. There are a lot of brands with multiple colours, but none of them with the degradation I was searching. Lucky me, this last weekend when I was in London, I found the Suqqu Spring collection. They have a lot of interesting products to try and wear this Spring, but the most important thing is that they have a beautiful Nail Lacquer collection!

I didn't make a photo of the three colours they have for this Spring, but here is a little photo for you...

101 SHAKUBAGE* (Pink) Flattering light pink.
102 MOKKOUBARA*(Beige) Understated natural beige with holographic pearls.
103 HOSHIMIGUSA*(Green) Refined pastel green.
And here is my favourite...

I think it's perfect! I will use it in Spring and Summer when I will need something to make my nails special! ;)

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