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Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski 
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

"Welcome to Six Stories. I'm Scott King.
In the next six weeks, we will be looking back at the Scarclaw Fell tragedy of 1996. We'll be doing so from six different perspectives; seeing the events that unfolded through six pairs of eyes."

This is not a normal story, it's the transcription of the podcast Six Stories by Scott King. He tries to share with us the tragedy that happened in Scarclaw Fell in 1996. So, in the beginning it's quite strange reading the book, the story is told with interviews, commentaries and some research about all the people involved in the tragic success making the story quite real and gripping at the same time.
This is one of those books that you don't want to miss a dot or a coma and that the silences can talk. Instead of reading it, you will listen to the voices of the persons who were involved. The case was left as an accident by the police, but there are some unanswered questions, will we know the real answers or just some half truths?
I loved this book since the first page, but the ending blowed my mind! Perfect, original and so unexpected that I just can say, read it now!
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