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Quieter Than Killing by Sarah Hillary
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 4'5/5

Marnie and Noah's cases are never easy, this time is not just a case, they will have their family involved... The victims have secrets and are afraid to tell the truth to the police, could it be possible they know the perpetrator? Will Noah and Marnie discover the truth before it's too late?

"There shouldn't even be flies in winter. It should be hibernating not crawling, dragging one of its legs like it was broken. It wouldn't give up, thought it could escape, fly home. How stupid could you get?
Finn was only ten but he'd stopped thinking he could escape after two days.
The house was locked down, tight."

This book talks about crimes and punishment. I believe that if you commit a crime you have to go to prison, but never thought about the after. Should they have the freedom as if they'd never committed a crime or they should be marked? They had payed for the crime they made, but is it enough for the victims? This is never an easy question or an easy answer, what do you think?
Do you remember Marnie and Noah from the book Tastes Like Fear? In Quieter Than Killing, the 4th book of the DI Marnie Rome series, the things get more personal, and we will know a little bit more about Marnie's stepbrother, Stephen, and her childhood... and a little bit of Noah's brother, Sol... 
As always, Sarah Hillary's cases are not easy to read, and they always make you think about what you've just read and re-think about your convictions and thought. Always a pleasure reading a book that will not leave you indifferent of what you've just read, don't you think?
If you like police procedure books, intelligent detectives, an interesting case and a few twists in a book, this is for you, you will love it! I highly recommend you to stop doing what you are doing and start reading this book!
Do you really know the truth about the people around you?

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