Pressed To Death by Kirsten Weiss

Pressed To Death by Kirsten Weiss
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3'5/5

There's been a murder in the harvest festival, and Maddie Kosloski is the first suspect... She is the owner of the Paranormal Museum, quite strange, yes, but she is not a killer! She will have the help of the Ladies Aid to discover the truth before it's too late!

"'Tell me more about the history of the press.'
'If you're worried about the curse, I performed a binding spell. The press is now relatively harmless, though I wouldn't let young lovers handle it.'
I rolled my eyes. As if young lovers would embrace over a grape press!"

This is a slow paced mystery with a little bit of paranormal activity and love. Maddie, the main character is the owner of the Paranormal Museum, with a few enchanted objects and maybe some ghosts. She will be the first suspect of the murder in the Harvest Festival, but just because the police officer Laurel doesn't like her very much, it seems that in the last book she burned her hair! I am not sure I would like her neither, but you start hating her and not just because she annoys Maddie, but she centers more her energies to annoy her that investigating the murder!
It took me a while to enter to the book, there are a lot of characters and side plots, that sometimes get you distracted from the important part. I liked the touch of paranormal in this book, you don't know if you just imagined something wrong or that there's a ghost near you...!
This is the second book of the Paranormal Museum series, and with so many characters involved, I am sure we will have more paranormal cases in the future!
Do you believe in ghosts?

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