Kira Kira Beauty Box - March 2017

Every month I am surprised with the beauty products I find inside the Kira Kira Beauty Box, take a look at this month beauty products...

First of all, something you always have on your purse, a clear lip gloss, to moisturise your lips or use it like a top.

Having long and beautiful lashes is the dream of all the women, thanks to the Avance Lash Serum, you'll dream will be fulfilled, your lashes would be larger than Tweety! ;) (and it comes with a little bag for your make-up too!)

Rilakkuma is one of my favourite Japanese characters, and a part for leaving my skin softer and clean it was funny being a bear for a little! Do you like this funny characters masks? Have you tried any?

Who doesn't love a relaxing bath with calming extracts for the skin? Who says that doesn't love a little bit of self-pampering is lying!

I found the Hello Kitty Sicker earrings quite funny and original, would be perfect to embellish my notebook. 

I loved the Collagen Face Lotion, the texture is like water, making my skin looking bright and not leaving it (like a lot of other brands) oily. I highly recommend it.

This month, the Kira Kira had great products, maybe nothing spectacular, but useful and basic products, that I will use, as always worth it.

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