Kira Kira Beauty Box - February 2017

Another month, another beauty Kira Kira Box! This time the products are quite original and surprising. Let me say that each month I love more and more my Kira Kira Beauty Box. I can't wait to know what amazing and original products I will receive on my next box!
Let me show you the products that came in this month...

A beauty eyeshadow palette, the colors are perfect for everyone, with a little bit of spark, but very soft!

The beautiful Pure Smile Mask, I've got the Gold Essence Mask, so now I have more value! ;)

A mask for the lips is always important when the weather is so cold like this year in Ireland, so I can not wait to try the Choosy Banana/Chocolate on my lips.

These days I am so tired that I will not say no to a few minutes of relax in my bath tube, specially with this citrus ginger bath soak! It seems that it will help remove my dead skin making it softer, my dreams come true! ;)

This Liquid Liner is quite original, is pink! I am not sure yet if I like my eye with a pink line... but I will have to try it a couple of days to know if I like it or not! Remember that I never use eye liner, so no matter what color I use, it will look strange for me!

One of my favorite products this month, the Delicious Lip Cream with mint and chocolate! Sadly is just for the lips, it has to taste so good... because the smell is amazing!

And my favourite... the Mippunama Keshousui, a serum for my skin, and the best of all? It's for oily skin! In a few weeks I will have my skin so perfect that no one will recognize me! ;)

As I have said in the beginning, I love this beauty box, there's always new and original products in it! Yes, the Pure Smile Mask it's always in the box, but never the same ingredients! And yes, the Choosy lip mask was in the box a couple of months ago, but the flavor it's not the same, this time with chocolate and banana, and I always need a peeling for my lips in winter, don't you?

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