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Deadly Game by Matt Johnson
Genre: Thriller
Source: Orenda Books

"To appreciate harmony, we must
know war.
To value freedom, we must know 
To find peace, we must vanquish
the Devil at his chosen game."

I have to admit that I didn't have the pleasure to read the first book of the series, so in the beginning there's a little bit of summary to put you in scene with the characters and specially why someone like Robert Finlay could have the MI5 checking on him...
Robert Finlay is a complex character, but as we read the book we start understanding his behaviour, making the reader eager to learn more about the complex plot he is now involved in.
This book is full of action, police and secret services, but the facts are fully explained, making it easier for you to understand it and showing you how the writer, Matt Johnson, has done a great job in research and investigation for the book.
This is one of those books that it doesn't have just one plot, it's complex, full of life and twists that will make you love every page.
Talking or reading about sex trafficking is never easy, is something we know it exists but don't want to think about the life that affects or how people can make money with it. This book talks about it, but I can assure you that even if you are not in the mood for this, you will love this book no matter what your reading preferences are.
Would you say no to a free weekend with everything payed?

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