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Dangerous To Know by Anne Buist
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Legend Press

Natalie King has a new job as psychiatrist, but her boss has a secret agenda for her...  What does he really want?

"We are all guilty of wanting to see our world in a particular way, at least for a brief periods of time. Who hasn't looked back at a wedding or graduation photo and marvelled at the innocence and aspirations, at odds with the later reality in all its different, perverse form?"

This is the second book of the Natalie King's series, Forensic Psychiatrist; and I have to say I missed a lot of  background from the characters, so I highly recommend you to start reading these series from the start.
This is a psychological thriller and the writer has done a very good job with it, as you read the book you feel you can understand what you are reading, the psychological slang doesn't sound like double Dutch!
It was quite original reading a character with a bipolar disorder, sometimes you get lost in Natalie's madness, making the mystery more difficult to unravel.
If you are searching for a book that explores the mind with a mystery involved, this book is for you!

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