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Dangerous Cargo by J.M. Shorney
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Bookollective

Aidan McRaney has a very difficult mission in his hands, mixing Mafia with arm dealers will only mean a lot of danger and action, of course.

"'you might have been a criminal, have done time, and your consistent utilisation of scruples does you credit. However, this is one game we either play to win or lose. There are no uncertainties, no indecisions.'"

As I started reading this book, it felt like a movie playing in my mind, with action, some surprising twists and a little bit of dark humour, the perfect book to read when you need adrenaline in your life.
The characters are well formed, the plot is engaging making you to turn page after page, making you love the book and trying to discover what's really happening.
It was quite surprising reading how Aidan is not the "perfect" hero as we are used to, he has a past, being in prison for a few years and with "friends" in the organised crime, making difficult for him to start a new life and sadly, being the perfect blank to be used for his connections. But he is good, he has a good heart and has the best motive to survive the worst missions he has to face, a little child.
Be prepared to fall in love with Aidan McRaney, he is good-looking and he is dangerous too! This is the fourth book of the Aidan McRaney series, but you can read it as standalone, if you can resist to buy all of the series after finishing this one! ;)
Ready for this thriller?

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