All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: Corvus
Rating: 5/5

Nic Farrell has decided to return home to help his brother with the sell of the house and because her father is getting worse... Returning home will make all her memories to come back... and when another girl is missing she can not stop comparing this girlĀ“s disappearance and her best friend's ten years ago... She is decided to find the truth, even if this means hurting everyone... 
Will she find the missing girls?

"And later that night, sometime between the fair closing and six A.M., Corinne disappeared, and everything that had happened that day took a new weight, new meaning. In the weeks that followed, the potential for death became palpable. It was all around us, intangible yet suffocating, existing in every different permutation of events. She could always be dead, in a thousand different ways."

The story is written backwards, quite strange and original at the same time, we start reading at 15 days from now, and then backwards since the day Nic arrived at her home... 
While the story progresses, we feel like we are inside a box with a bomb, claustrophobic and with a countdown that we don't know how to stop. There's someone watching us and two women had disappeared, one in the past and one now... Have they had anything in common? Why they left without anyone noticing?
Everything seems related to the night Corinne Prescott disappeared, they were on the fair, the 6 friends, and none of them told the truth to the police... but all of them had their own secrets... tick, tock...
The bomb will explode splashing the truth everywhere, will it be enough to save the lives of all of them? Or it is too late to save their souls?
I was quite surprised with this book, Nic is quite a cold woman, we don't know much about her, just that she has some dark secrets and that she is not ready to face the truth. She doesn't know neither if she wants to marry her fiance or continue the relation she has with her old boyfriend... She doesn't have a good relation with her brother, who has his own problems with the house, his pregnant wife and some secrets of his own...
We can not forget about Corinne or Annaleise, were they saints or sinners? Where they killed or disappeared on their own? Everything seems to be related on the night ten years ago when the six friends were on the fair, all of them lied about that night, but why? Are they ready to tell the truth now to save the life of another missing girl?
This is a book full of twists and mystery that will leave no one indifferent and will make you disappear too...
Ready for a fair night?

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