Watch Me by Angela Clarke

Watch Me by Angela Clarke
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

The sister of DCI Burgane has been kidnapped, the police has just 24 hours to find her. Would Sergeant Nasreen Cudmore and her journalist friend Freddie Venton have enough time to find her? 

"What would her colleagues think if they knew she'd bullied a young girl till she'd tried to kill herself? They questioned and arrested teens regularly enough that her young age wouldn't matter. They'd see her as a bully. She'd be lumped in with the likes of Morris. Nasty, tainted. She could imagine Chip's revulsion. If he didn't use the personal connection to the case to get her removed, Saunders would use her past, her failings, to get rid of her."

This is my first book of Sergeant Nasreen Cudmore and I have to say I love her tenacious passion to succeed on her cases and the energy to discover the truth no matter how many stones she has to turn. I don't like very much her team members, but I suppose that's the point of making some of them so annoying!
This books talks about bullies and their victims, and sadly, thanks to the internet, bullies have more power than before, now they can send something on the web and it will be forever there. This makes the police or the family of the victims completely merciless to the bullies, there's still no law to protect the victims or to help them prevent the damage before it happen. Every month we can read an article in the newspaper about a teenager that commit suicide because of bullying. What can we do to stop it? I really have no idea, the only thing is, maybe, raise awareness that if you see someone bullied you have to help them and talk to an adult or the police.
I've read this book in just 24 hours, I was so glued to the story that I couldn't put it down, it was like the countdown was real and I had just 24 hours to read it!
Angela Clarke has created a dark gripping thriller with shadows in every corner that will haunt you every night!
Read this book to enjoy a good thriller, but be careful of what you share online, maybe you will be the next victim!
Are you a bully or a victim?

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