The Secret by Katerina Diamond

The Secret by Katerina Diamond
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

Between past and present, Katerina Diamond delights us in a gripping thriller with murders, kidnapping and drugs. This is an amazing read, full of suspense, half truths and some really bad guys.
This is the second book the DI Imogen Grey, where the main characters are the same, of course with their own baggage and problems. We can miss a little bit of their relation, but you can read it as standalone. After reading it, I am sure you will want to buy the first! ;)
The story is told between the past and the present, telling the relations with the character and their involvement in the case. We will discover Imogen's past and a little bit more of Adrian's life. After reading the ending I can't wait to know what the future awaits for them...! I hope we will have some answers...
Which is your secret?

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