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The Promise by Casey Kelleher
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 3'5/5

Josie Parker has made a decision, she has never been a good mother, but she is ready to face prison if her two little daughters can have a better life. Will they be able to accept her decision and keep their promise?g

"It was as if she was outside her own body. Floating in mid-air.
She could see the looks of shock and horror on their faces. The tears in their eyes.
She looked down - saw what they could see...
A jagged spray of deep red splattered across the front of her clothes."

The Promise, the title on this book is everything, is what Marnie and Georgie had promised to her mother, never tell the truth of what really happened that fateful night. It will haunt them, but what is really worth a life?
This is not an easy book, reading about drug abuse, prostitution and abusers is never easy. Josie and her two daughters had the worst life you can imagine, but after her mother is sent to prison they think this will change... never so far from real. Marnie's father is ready to welcome them in his house, sadly he is the worst nightmare they could ever have!
This book will haunt you, make you scream and feel the sadness and fear on your skin, The Promise will stay with you for a long time. Ready?

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