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Shelter by Rhyll Biest
Genre: Erotic, Romance
Source: Reading Romance
Rating: 3/5

Two lost souls will be crossing their paths in the lonely rural village of Walgarra. There's been a murder and Kat Daily and Luka Belovuk will try to discover who killed him if they are not distracted by their mutual passion.

"Since Galenka, who sometimes preferred to be called Galina was merely the vestigial remains of Kat's childhood imaginary friend- a sad, mean half-Russian girl with snakes for eyes who relished her eyes who relished her role as a troublemaker and prophetess of doom and who only made an appearance during times of great stress- Kat felt justified ignoring her."

I thought this was a mystery book, but it has more erotism than mystery, yes, there is a crime, but the detective Luka Belovuk doesn't try very much to catch the killer. Instead he prefers to centre his attention to the new member of the RSPC, Kat, who has an obscene imaginary friend with some really dirt vocabulary!
I was surprised with the hard work the RSPC members have to do, they put their lives in danger almost every day to safe battered animals, they should receive a medal!
Kat loves animals, that's something certain, and after the few drops she tells us about her childhood, I can believe she prefers them as humans, who would not?
This is a book for lovers of romance and erotism, good read!

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