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One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Penguin
Rating: 4'5/5

Vicky has made a little "mistake", she left her son alone at home... and this would be the start of her own particular nightmare. She will confide her secret to her best friend, and this will be her worst mistake ever! Ready?

"She adores this baby, feels an affinity with him. Like her he has moments of intense anger and emotion, like her he always wants more than he gets; and there is something else about him, some inner insecurity that Amber recognizes because it's in her too."

When we start reading this book, our first thought about Vicki is that she is a bad mother. What kind of mother leaves her son alone at home to visit a house? This is not just a little mistake! She is reckless and doesn't value her family... But when we start knowing her, we discover that yes, she made a wrong decision, but she wants to make amends and repair the hurt she had done...
And Amber, her best friend, she is evil, I know you have to keep your enemies near, but I think if you have a friend like her, put her as far as possible! She didn't have a good childhood, to say it easy, but trying to hurt your best friend will not help you!
Vicki is like a butterfly, pretty and ready to taste a little bit of everything, and not sure what she really wants until she looses everything... She has faults like everyone, but has learnt the lesson and she is ready to change to be a better mother and wife, will Amber help her?
While you are reading this book, you will feel that there's something else, that there's a mystery that we don't know, that Amber's fixation in Vicky is hiding something... and while we discover her path, we discover too her worst nightmares and her horrible childhood.
This book will make you think about what kind of behaviour is acceptable to being a good mother and which would be the limit that you can stand in the relationship with your best friend.
In this crescendo psychological thriller, the truth is not the most important thing, it's the trust between you, your family and friends.
Who knows your darkest secrets?

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